1-2-3 Bottom

Custom 1-2-3 bottom boxes are a step forward than most boxes as the bottom, albeit unglued provides a rather sturdy base to hold products in. The flaps at the bottom interlock with each other in a stronghold which proves to be stronger and firmer than merely flaps locked. The Packaging Boxes offers custom wholesale 1-2-3 bottom boxes that do not weigh too heavily on your pocket.

1-2-3 bottom boxes by TPB can be customised according to the product that is going to be cased in them. The Packaging Boxes customises boxes according to the size that is required, the material which will be required to manufacture the box and the appearance of the boxes as well. Your 1-2-3 bottom boxes can be manufactured in stock options of various thicknesses. Moreover, TPB offers free expert design support and multiple free revisions to provide you with the 1-2-3 bottom boxes of your needs and requirements.

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