4 Pk Bottle Carrier

Custom 4 PK bottle carriers are one of the best packaging options to box and retail bottles of beer in. These boxes are essentially a structure which is open at the top, have four partitions (each for a single bottle of beer) and holding support in the middle. Each partition is made up of soft yet sturdy material to keep the bottles apart, and from smashing each other.

The Packaging Boxes offers budget-friendly wholesale 4 PK bottle carriers that can be made out of various paper stock options including e-flute corrugated boxes, bux board boxes, eco-friendly kraft boxes and cardboard boxes. These stock options are further available in various thicknesses and the size of the bottle carrier can be customised as per your requirements. For better marketing and branding of your beers, TPB can print these boxes to perfection and add significantly to their aesthetic with the free add-ons that we offer.

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