Apparel Boxes

In the fashion industry, the apparel market is growing at a staggering speed. There are numerous clothing brands in the market with plenty of new ones already on the horizon. With the influx of clothing brands, to have your product stand out, it needs to be distinguishable. The Packaging Boxes offers wholesale apparel boxes that can be personalised in however way you like. TPB does not only manufacture packaging boxes according to your product but also customises them for better branding and marketing.

TPB offers pillow boxes for shirts, tie boxes, folding and postage boxes that can encompass any other apparel items and many other options. These boxes can further be customised in dimension, appearance and size. After the briefing, TPB’s in-house expert designs will present you with free mockups of your custom apparel boxes. The Packaging Boxes offers high-quality printing along with multiple free add-ons which can have your apparel boxes look exceedingly attractive.

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