Auto Bottom Tray

Auto bottom trays prove to be exceedingly helpful when retailing products, that need to be sold individually to the consumers, for example, packets of snacks, condoms, chewing gum etcetera. These tray boxes are open from the upper and front side, to add to the ease of access for the consumer and the shopkeeper both. In addition, because your product is in the open, it is displayed effectively too.

The Packaging Boxes offers custom auto bottom tray boxes, that can be personalised as per your specific instructions and requirements. Your auto bottom trays will be printed on using state of the art equipment and designed for free, by an in-house team of professional designers. Moreover, TPB offers multiple paper stock options to choose from, which can be used to manufacture bespoke auto bottom tray boxes for you. The Packaging Boxes offers wholesale packaging for all your retail products that need easy access.

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