Cake Boxes

One of the most consumed food items all over the world is cake. Be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or anything function or event for that matter, no celebration is complete without it. Most restaurants and bakeries nowadays deliver cakes in custom printed boxes. The boxes usually have the name of the company printed on it, a few details about the product or the company and attractive and colourful visuals as well. Some are custom window boxes which have a display window cut on the top for the consumer get a sneak peek inside the box. Safe to say, custom cake boxes are all the rage now.
If you are a bakery or a cake retailer that is looking for budget friendly wholesale custom boxes then The Packaging Boxes can serve you in the most effective way. We offer cake boxes that can be personalised material, appearance and function wise. Let your creative genius reign free by availing the numerous free add-ons that we offer.

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