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Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Are you a cosmetic product manufacturer? Or are you a retailer for different makeup companies? In any case, if you are on the lookout for custom cosmetic boxes at wholesale prices, The Packaging Boxes has got you covered. TPB offers a wide range of styles of boxes that can be used multi-purposely to package a variety of makeup products. Whether you manufacture mascara, foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, creams or anything else for that matter, we can provide you with a suitable packaging box without putting a dent in your wallet. The services and packaging boxes that TPB offers are not only limited to cosmetics products as we can customise and manufacture boxes for any use and purpose.

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Why do you need custom boxes for cosmetics?

  • Safety:
    Each makeup product is different in function, shape and size. The component that encases the specific product is different as well. For example, lipstick cannot be packaged inside a mascara component and vice versa. Since the components for items vary from product to product, no two products can be packaged inside the same box. Each product requires a separate customised box to suit the components’ dimensions and other requirements. If a box is not customised accordingly the safety of the merchandise may be compromised. Hence, bespoke boxes by The Packaging Boxes can aide greatly in keeping your items safe.
  • Branding:
    In today’s world, with the influx of new businesses in the market, it is imperative for your makeup product to standout. Without an effective branding and marketing strategy in place, it can be fairly hard for your product to get distinguished. This is where custom boxes come in as they can successfully set your products apart. The Packaging Boxes will not only customise your boxes by printing the name and logo of the company but will also incorporate different design aspects free of cost!
  • Attraction:
    To get potential customers to check your product out, attractive packaging is key. A beautifully decorated cosmetic box will not only attract more attention to the product in stores but can also turn potential customers into repeat ones. An appealing box may also act as an incentive for someone to go through the purchase. Moreover, an attractive box of superior quality will offer buyers more value for money.

Why choose us?

  • Affordability:
    For the convenience of our customers, all services and packaging boxes by The Packaging Boxes are priced market competitively. We offer numerous free add-ons that include debossing, embossing, spot UV, foiling of different colours and matte/glossy finishing.
  • Efficiency:
    From the date of finalisation of the artwork for your boxes, The Packaging Boxes will get your order ready and deliver them in 4-6 business days. Need a quicker option? We also offer expedite services at a minimal extra price.
  • Variety:
    TPB offers numerous styles of boxes to choose from. With free design-support, the boxes can be customised in further myriad ways to suit your requirements best.

Get in touch:
If you would like to know more or order custom wholesale cosmetic boxes, get in touch with our customer care.

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