Double Wall Display Lid

There are quite a few products in the industry that need to be displayed for them to be noticed by customers. For example, face wash, creams, lipsticks, nail polish, snack items etcetera. With many boxes available in the market, one of the styles of boxes that can encase these items for proper display and retail are double wall display lid boxes. Unlike normal display boxes, double wall display boxes have slightly inclined side walls which are also doubled with flaps folding in on themselves. The header tab on these boxes can be fully customised and printed with certain information or attractive promotional text about the company.

For custom double wall display lid boxes, The Packaging Boxes has got you covered. TPB offers bespoke solutions with custom tailored boxes according to the specific needs and requirements that clients may have. If you have any questions or would like to order wholesale double wall display lid boxes, get in touch.

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