Fence Partitions


Fence partitions are mainly gathered in a grid-like arrangement in a box. Fence partitions are custom designed with heavy substance material that gives maximum safety to the products enclosed. The options available for customers are: gold/silver foiling, PVC sheet, custom window cut out, embossing, and raised ink. The manufacturing process includes gluing, perforation, die cutting, and scoring. CMYK, PMS, and sometimes no printing takes place while the process takes place. There is a huge range of fence partition boxes for exclusive ideas, which are sturdy and long-lasting. Fence partitions are used for keeping safe and protected delicate and subtle items when shifting from one place to another.

The Packaging Boxes is providing top class fence partitions to the customers. It also maintains the quality of the boxes to a greater extent so that buyer satisfaction could be accomplished. The company provides the option of custom design the fence partitions in terms of variations in color, size, style and shape.



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