Flip Out Open Dispenser Box

A flip out open dispenser box is structured like a standard dispenser box with a cut-out slot at the bottom front but with a flap. These dispenser boxes with flaps are perfect to encase lightweight products like lip balms, mini-sized chocolates, stationery and other various items. Inarguably, the packaging of a product plays a huge role in how it is perceived in the market and the packaging itself sometimes becomes an influencing factor in a customer going forward with a purchase.
The Packaging Boxes, one of the top companies in the industry for printing and packaging offers premium custom flip out open dispenser boxes at budget-friendly prices. All services by TPB are market competitively priced and despite the low cost, we never compromise on quality. For a free quote for wholesale flip out open dispenser boxes, get in touch with The Packaging Boxes’ customer care.

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