Gold Foil Boxes

Luxury and high-end products require packaging, that is equally high in quality. The Packaging Boxes offers custom gold foil boxes at economical prices. These boxes are customisable in all aspects and can effectively offer your clients a premium experience. The box can either be fully coated with gold foiling or you can either have certain parts or designs gold foiled. In addition to gold foiling, we also offer silver foiling to make your boxes further aesthetically appealing.

At The Packaging Boxes, we can gold foil any style of box as per your requirements. You can either go with a simple gold foiled box or have it customised according to your preference. The box can further be customised and printed according to the print you want on it, if you want it embossed, debossed and much more! The best part? Our gold foiled boxes do not weigh too heavily on your pocket.

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