Piece Tray with Reinforced Side Wall


A piece tray with reinforced sidewall is manufactured with a structure of one-piece box along with associated lid and four walls. These convenient and insubstantial boxes are used for packaging that consists of lightweight crockery items or shoes packaging. They are manufactured from recycled paper, which is an ecological product and ideal to carry products for long lasting storage.

Wholesale piece tray with reinforced side wall boxes provides speed and durability

Speedy delivery of products is the X-factor that every company wants to achieve. So it becomes necessary to use packaging materials that are fast to collect & strong to depend upon. We at The Packaging Boxes understand your requirement & so provide you the best quality, simplicity and ease to collect piece trays with reinforced sidewall boxes.  We offer you resilience, consistency & best quality of customized piece tray with reinforced sidewall boxes at cheap pricing.



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