Pop Counter Display Tray

Certain products in the market that are placed right beside the checkout counter. These products are placed very strategically to increase impulse buying among the public. These products may include lip balms, mouth freshening chewing gum, condoms, candies and other small stuff. The boxes that these products are retailed in are called pop counter display trays. As the major purpose of these boxes and products is to increase impulse buying, they are made to be exceedingly eye-catching, printed with vivid coloured text, images and such.

If you are a retailer and require custom pop counter display trays, then look no further than The Packaging Boxes. The Packaging Boxes offers bespoke packaging solutions as per the requirements and needs of your brand and product. To have your pop counter display trays appear their best, TPB also offers multiple add-ons to enhance their appearance. Get in touch for a free quote.

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