Punch Partition


Punch partition boxes are standard hollow box structures with circular holes punched through them, for products to be assembled. These boxes can carry anything ranging from ice cream cones to lip glosses, to mini perfume bottles and even medicines. Punch partition boxes can be customised to store your product effectively quality-wise i.e. the paper stock option used, function-wise i.e. the size of the hole being punched and aesthetics wise i.e. the printing and other factors associated with enhancing the appearance of the box.
The Packaging Boxes offers economical custom printed punch partition boxes that can be customised as per your uses and preferences. With an in-house design team, TPB can have your punch partition boxes designed by professionals for free which will not only be exceedingly functional, but elegant and attractive as well. Get in touch with The Packaging Boxes for a free quote for custom punch partition boxes.



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