Sleeve with Tapered Side Panel


Ease and comfort is that purpose of innovation, creativity or invention that everyone wants to have. In terms of packaging products, Sleeve with Tapered Side Panel is the ideal option in providing comfort and ease, as it is manufactured to package fragile and hefty products such as bowls, trays and all other items that are with a small bottom and a big top.

Customized and Durable Sleeve with Tapered Side Panel

The tapered side panels and a retainer on both top and bottom are the necessary parts of these sleeves that provide them a notable appearance. To make sure their resilience and durability, 10pt to 28pt thicker cardboard and Kraft paper stock is used to produce these exceptional packaging containers. A Sleeve with Tapered Side Panel is available in every potential design, style and color. They are covered with the high quality of coatings such as Gloss and Matte in order to give a spectacular look and appeal to maximum people.



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