Two Piece


Two piece boxes are one of the most commonly used boxes and are exceedingly multifunctional. They come in various styles and shapes but mostly in squares. By putting in a custom insert, they can be used to encase jewellery, eatables like chocolates and biscuits, apparel items and much more. If required, one can even die-cut a window on the lid to show off the product properly so the customer can make an informed decision.

The Packaging Boxes offers high-quality custom two piece boxes, that do not weigh too heavily on your pocket. Two piece boxes by TPB can be customised according to your demands and requirements, with respect to size, shape, material and aesthetic. The Packaging Boxes has some of the best designers on-board who can design your two piece boxes free of cost. Get in touch with TPB’s customer care for a free quote for wholesale two piece boxes.




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